WorkTimer Desktop Application

Over the last week I’ve been developing a desktop application to manage WorkTimer projects and tasks.

It’s been built using the Adobe Air platform which keeps it very light-weight, secure and will work on most computers. The first release contains only the core features from the website but over time more will be added.

The most up-to-date version of the application can be found here:



The projects section of the application works in exactly the same way as the main website. They are displayed in a list and clicking on one takes you to all of its projects.

Project List

Add Project Form


Most of the website’s tasks management options have been included within the desktop version and they work in exactly the same was as the do on the site.

Task List

Add Task Form

Task Options

Clicking on a task expands a set of extra options that can be used to archive and delete tasks. More task options will be added in the future.


Task timing work in the same punch in/punch out style that the main site uses. Multiple tasks can be tracked at the same time and are highlighted in the task list.

Single Active Timer

Multiple Active Timers

Automatic Updates

Once the application’s installed any updates can be automatically downloaded and installed when they become available. This ensures you’ll always be running the newest release.