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WorkTimer Version 3.5 Updates

Over the past month there has been a lot of development done on the WorkTimer website and desktop application. All of the new developments have now been put live and some of the key features are listed below If you encounter any issues while using the site you can either use the standard feedback tab [...]

Working With Smart Tasks

To create a smart task you simple choose the ‘Smart Task’ option when adding a new task. This will then hide the Initial Time and Task Date as they aren’t relevant for Smart Tasks. Once a Smart Task has been created then it will always be displayed at the top of the task list for [...]

WorkTimer Desktop Application

Over the last week I’ve been developing a desktop application to manage WorkTimer projects and tasks. It’s been built using the Adobe Air platform which keeps it very light-weight, secure and will work on most computers. The first release contains only the core features from the website but over time more will be added. The [...]

Timing your tasks

Task timing can be one of the most important aspects of making sure a project stays on track and is completed within a deadline and within budget. Most of the core WorkTimer functionality is focused around a very simple yet powerful task timing system.   Task Timer Controls Once a task is added to a [...]

Two new graphs added

Two new graph options have been added to the reports section.   These graphs are aimed towards people who need to see if they’re meeting their productivity targets.   Weekly Hours Breakdown   Yearly Hour Trends