Timing your tasks

Task timing can be one of the most important aspects of making sure a project stays on track and is completed within a deadline and within budget. Most of the core WorkTimer functionality is focused around a very simple yet powerful task timing system.


Task Timer Controls

Once a task is added to a project the control buttons can be used to start and stop the timers. The timers record in real time and can be started, paused and stopped however often is needed.

Task timer controls

Task timer controls


Identifying Active Timers

Once a task timer is started the task’s background colour is changed to a light blue and the ‘Start Timer’ icon changes to a recording icon. This allows tasks that are being timed to be instantly distinguishable in the task list. (Useful when running multiple task timers)

Active timers

The active tasks in this example are highlighted with a red circle


Automatic Time Saving

When a task timer is recording you can choose to have it automatically save the time at set intervals to ensure no time is lost if your computer or web browser freezes. By default the timers are automatically save every 30 seconds but this frequency can be changes from the manage account page.

Save Frequency

Update frequency can be changed from the account page


Setting the save frequency to 0 will disable this feature and timers will only be saved once they’re stopped.