WorkTimer Version 3.5 Updates

Over the past month there has been a lot of development done on the WorkTimer website and desktop application. All of the new developments have now been put live and some of the key features are listed below

If you encounter any issues while using the site you can either use the standard feedback tab or contact with the details.

New Website Features

Smart Tasks

Smart tasks are probably the biggest and most requested feature added in the version 3.5 update.

Smart tasks allow you to create one tasks and record time against it across multiple days.

Read the full guide on working with Smart Tasks.

Invoice Currencies

113 currencies have been added to the system and can be selected as your default currency from the account page.

Longer Login Sessions

The second most frequent request I receive is to increase the default session time so people aren’t automatically logged out after they’re inactive on the site for long period of time.

To fix this problem you can now choose to have the website remember you for a 2 week period when you login.

Project Priority

You can now enter an ‘Order Priority’ against a project that will determine the position that it will display on the projects list.

To allow for an infinite number of projects a reverse priority is used. What this means is that the higher the number the more important a project becomes.

For example, a project with a priority number of 1000 would appear higher up the list than a project with a priority of 1.

Project Description

You can now add a description to your projects when adding or editing.

New Desktop App Features

Project Filter

There is a now a project filter that will filter the project list as you type

Smart Task

The desktop app now supports the new Smart Task method of recording time